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Singaporeans go online to mark SAF Day

Published on Jul 1, 2014 7:55 PM
Singaporeans took to social media to show support for those serving in the military on SAF Day. -- PHOTO: SHAOBIN CHIA/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - To celebrate this year's Singapore Armed Forces Day which falls on July 1, the Singapore Army has offered a list of 10 ideas to recognise the efforts of those who are serving or who have served in the military.

And many Singaporeans took to social media to show their support to our soldiers. They did it in different ways - some by changing their Facebook profile pictures to show themselves or a loved one in uniform, others offered words of encouragment. Here is a look at how Singaporeans responded.

First, there are those who changed their profile pictures, often with a little SAF Day picbadge added to it.



1st July, SAF Day. Fond memories. Brunei jungle, 1986. -- PHOTO: BOON WAH SIN/FACEBOOK


Others took pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #SAFDay2014.

Still others turned to Twitter, thanking the men (and women) in uniform, or remembering the times they had in the armed forces.


Singapore's leaders also chimed in with messages.




I am proud to be a soldier in Our Singapore Army. -- PHOTO: CHUAN-JIN TAN/FACEBOOK


And what's a day of celebration without some humour?