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Photos of 'bound bird' rile community

Published on Aug 20, 2014 7:06 AM
This photo, which shows a red-shirted man allegedly tethering a baby bird's legs to a bush, has angered members of the birding community here, even though the AVA says the act is technically not illegal. -- PHOTO: COURTESY OF JAIEDEN SHEN

Photographs of a man who appeared to be mishandling a little tern chick have ruffled the feathers of the birding community here.

The red-shirted man seemed to be tethering the baby bird's legs to a bush so it could be posed for a photograph. Shots posted on Facebook on Monday showed the young tern struggling in front of a bush, unable to move away.

Little terns are a species native to Singapore which nest on sandy ground. The young are usually flightless until they fledge, which takes about 25 days.

The man is believed to have done this to allow two other bird photographers to snap a shot of the chick against a "clean, mess-free background with good lighting".

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