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Is this News?: STB promotional video ignites laughs and parodies online

Published on Apr 8, 2014 7:48 PM

The latest Singapore Tourism Board (STB) promotional video might have been yanked off the official website on Monday, but there's no stopping netizens to continue poking fun at it.

Part of a marketing campaign themed "Singapore. See where the world is heading", the original video featured a Filipino couple visiting various tourist attractions in Singapore such as Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands.

In the clip, the woman presented her man with a gift - a pregnancy test kit with a result indicating she was pregnant. The man, taken aback, remarked that "Singapore always had a surprise waiting for me".

The video was produced by Philippine network ABS-CNB in bid to customise content for its target audience.

It received positive feedback when shared on STB's Facebook page for the Philippines. It even garnered some 3,400 likes in its first week online.

However, as word spread, bloggers and other netizens criticised it for its storyline and cinematography. STB said on Monday it "could have been done better".

Barely a day after the original three-minute video was removed, parodies started circulating online.

Here are a couple:

SGAG spoof set to Hokkien pop song

Humour site SGAG put up on its own Facebook page late Monday night the same video, but set to the tune of the 1982 popular Hokkien chestnut A Little Umbrella. The song was sung by Taiwanese singer Hong Rong-hong.

SGAG is a social media website where users upload and share user-generated images, videos, and GIFs.

The effect is akin to watching cheesy karaoke footage that often accompanies such tunes. As of Tuesday night, it has attracted more than 660 likes.

Chua En Lai's Instagram spoof

Comedian Chua En Lai shared a short and hilarious 15-second video on his Instagram account on Tuesday morning.

Co-starring his Noose cast mate Judee Tan, they play a couple who gawk at the wonders of Singapore - specifically a green dust bin. It received about 600 likes so far.

Tan also commented: "I think our insta video is better than the real one?"