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National Art Gallery logo saga: Here are three other corporate logos that were criticised

Published on Apr 14, 2014 6:30 PM

Some say it is meaningless. Others dismiss the logo as unfinished. Memes were also spun off, with one depicting it as a bar graph.

Yes, the logo for the soon-to-be-opened National Gallery Singapore has been the subject of endless ridicule since it was revealed on April 2.

The minimalist logo features two simple rectangular blocks - one taller and narrower than the other. The logo comes in either red or grey. Credit of the revamp goes to home-grown design firm Asylum.

What was thought to be a belated April's Fool joke was actually the result of three months' worth of effort, Mr Chris Lee, founder of Asylum. Mr Lee defended his design, saying that the reductionism of the two blocks is open to interpretation, just like art.

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