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Muslim seeks refund for shoes lined with pig skin

Published on Jun 24, 2014 9:19 AM
Ms Nur Najwa Abdullah and the $279 pair of shoes she bought last year. She said she wore them for six months before finding out – by chance – that the lining was made of pig skin. -- ST PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG

A Muslim woman who bought a pair of $279 shoes was incensed to find out, after wearing them for six months, that the shoes were lined with pig skin.

Administrative assistant Nur Najwa Abdullah, 43, is demanding a full refund from foot care chain Happy Walker, claiming that the sales staff had told her the shoes were made of calf skin.

Ustaz Firdaus Yahya, manager of the Darul Huffaz Learning Centre which promotes understanding of the Quran, said: “In Islam, anything related to pork, such as the meat or skin, is considered unclean.”

Islamic experts say while the use of pig-skin products is not considered a sin, a Muslim should go through a cleansing ritual if he or she has used the product.

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To a majority of Muslims in this part of the world, anything that’s got to do with pigs is something that is to be avoided. Even if you call someone a pig, it’s considered a great insult.

– Ustaz Firdaus Yahya, manager of the Darul Huffaz Learning Centre