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Mum's the Greatest: Three readers win beauty treatment packages for their mothers

Published on May 12, 2014 5:21 PM

When Mr Kenneth Goh was only nine months old, his father walked out on the family, leaving Mr Goh's mother, Madam Margaret Wong to raise up three young sons on her own.

In order to support the family, Madam Wong worked as an usher at Cathay cineplexes for more than 20 years before she was retrenched. After that, she hopped between jobs - including stints as a cashier and cleaner - to support the family.

Mr Goh, a sales engineer, now lives with Madam Goh, while his two elder brothers have moved out.

Now 74,  Madam Wong is retired but spends her weekends looking after Mr Goh's nephew.

"She used to cook our favourite dishes often, but I asked her to stop. I would take her out for nice meals instead so she can rest," says Mr Goh,  39.

Mr Goh's story about his mother was among the 70 entries submitted for our Mother's Day Contest, where readers were asked to tell us why their mum is the greatest, in 50 words or less. He wins a beauty treatment package worth $362 for his mother.

Madam Wong will be treated to a manicure, pedicure, and other beauty services, courtesy of our partner, The Glamorous Factory.

"She enjoys getting facials and manicures, so she will be very happy," says Mr Goh.

Guest relations executive Sheryll Soh, 34, also wins a beauty treatment package for her mother, Madam Bay Suan Lian.

Ms Soh's parents divorced when she was one. Her father won custody and later married Madam Bay, who took care of Ms Soh like her own daughter.

"She was always there for me when I was feeling low," says Ms Soh. "In my eyes, she is my real mother."

Six-year-old Ishmeet Singh is the third winner of the beauty treatment package, for his touching writeup about his mother.

Ishmeet, with the help of his father, Mr Sukhmander Singh, wrote about how his mother, Madam Belle, struggled with illness after giving birth to him. Despite her health, Ishmeet said his mother tries her best to take care of him.

"Each time I fall she is there for me," wrote Ishmeet.