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Mobile game Cut the Rope improves ability to think on your feet: NTU study

Published on Jun 24, 2014 1:32 PM
The iPhone game: Cut The Rope. -- SCREENGRAB: APPLE 

SINGAPORE - Want to improve your mental finesse? Playing a puzzle game like Cut the Rope may be just the thing you need, say researchers from Nanyang Technological University.

Dr Michael D. Patterson, an assistant professor in psychology, and PhD student Adam Oei found that playing this popular mobile game helped people to think on their feet better.

Previously, no casual mobile games have not been found to confer on players "this type of broad improvement to executive functions, which are important to general intelligence, dealing new situations and managing multitasking", said Dr Patterson.

For the study, 55 undergraduates, all non-gamers, were asked to play one of four games - action game Modern Combat, real-time strategy game Starfront, arcade game Fruit Ninja and puzzle game Cut the Rope - for 20 hours across four weeks.

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