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Man's global quest to meet 'Time Twins'

Published on Apr 24, 2014 8:21 AM
Mr Avis with Indonesian tour guide Pasek Bratayasa at a temple in Bali. The Englishman is on a global quest to find people born on the same day as him - Dec 1, 1974. -- PHOTO: COURTESY OF STUART SCOTT

If you were born on Dec 1, 1974, Mr Richard Avis is looking for you. The Englishman will be in Singapore from tomorrow until Monday on his global quest to meet people born on the same day as him.

"My aim is to... meet people from the broadest possible range of backgrounds and experiences across all the continents of the world," he told The Straits Times.

It all began in 2011, when Mr Avis - then 36, and having been a management consultant for a decade - began wondering about the nature of success, and whether he was still young or middle-aged.

Instead of "having a mid-life crisis" over such questions, he wondered what others his age thought. "There must be thousands of other people who had been born on the same day as me, who had had exactly the same number of days in their lives, but whose lives would be so very different."

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