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Flashback Friday: Singapore Amateur Football Association founded on Aug 29, 1892

Published on Aug 29, 2014 11:08 AM
Members of Singamania, a fan club for the national football team, showing their support during an AFF Suzuki Cup match at Jalan Besar Stadium. The Lions created history by winning their fourth title in the AFF Suzuki Cup football tournament in Bangkok on Dec 22, 2012. -- PHOTO: DEA ADILAH DE CRUZ

SINGAPORE - The birth of football in Singapore was sparked by the founding of the Singapore Amateur Football Association (Safa) on Aug 29, 1892.

Safa became the first governing body of soccer in Singapore. Founded 29 years after the Football Association in England, Safa can lay claim to being the oldest football association in Asia.

Safa was later renamed the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) on Jan 13, 1966.

Today, it is responsible for the development of the sport at all levels, from the organisation of league and cup competitions to the establishment of youth and women football teams.

The Singapore National Team, which is administered by the FAS, has emerged champions of the AFF Suzuki Cup (formerly known as Asean Football Championship) four times since the competition began in 1996.