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Do a good deed, you're on candid camera

Civic initiatives capture kinder side of S'pore and inject positive tone in social media

Published on May 18, 2014 6:54 AM

Street photography that tells the stories of ordinary people, "candid camera" shows that test how Singaporeans react in challenging situations, and organised picnics for strangers.

These are among recent initiatives that have been launched to promote a more gracious, empathetic society at a time when social media is becoming increasingly filled with negativity.

Many of these initiatives have been set up as a result of casual conversations. Take, for example, 20-year-old Rovik Robert, who came up with the idea for his Hidden Good website after talking to a friend on an MRT train.

"We felt there was a lot of negativity online," said Mr Robert, who plans projects for the Hidden Good site on top of his day job as a social media executive. "We thought: There has to be a place for people to get together to talk in a more positive way and share their stories."

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