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Singapore residents scarred after botched plastic surgery in South Korea

S'pore residents end up needing corrective surgery or scarred for life after ops in Korea

Published on May 11, 2014 8:23 AM
A pedestrian walking past an advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul. South Korea has become a hot plastic surgery destination for Singapore residents. But many are reporting botched operations. -- PHOTO: AFP

When Denise paid $10,000 to a clinic in South Korea last September, she was hoping to say goodbye to drooping eyebags and come back to Singapore with more well-defined double eyelids.

"They all said Korea is very good for plastic surgery," she told The Sunday Times. "I wanted to look younger, to look more beautiful."

What she got instead were creases in her eyelids which made her eyes look asymmetrical. She received another surprise - the Korean doctor removed fat from her abdomen and transferred it to her forehead, without her permission.

She only found out after she felt pain around her abdomen when she woke up after surgery. Fat grafting is usually done to add fullness to sunken areas and give a more youthful appearance. But not in Denise's case.

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Background story

Painful truth

"Sometimes, it's hard for us to solve the problem if we don't know what the doctor on the other side has done... And not everything can be fixed... (The women) come to us and we have to tell them the damage is permanent."


DR LESLIE KUEK, who has also noted more women seeking corrective surgery after their return from South Korea