Sunday, Apr 19, 2015Sunday, Apr 19, 2015

SGH staff roll up their sleeves - under new dress code for better hygiene

Published on May 5, 2014 5:07 PM

More than 15 staff from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) strutted their stuff on the catwalk on Monday - all in the name of hygiene.

They were showcasing styles approved under the hospital's new fashion policy for its staff. It was back to basics for them - doctors and nurses will have to roll up their sleeves and go bare below the elbows when they examine patients or come into contact with them. This minimises the risk of having their clothes collect germs.

Staff will also ditch their hanging lanyards for retractable ones issued by the hospital. Doctors who wear ties will have to wear tiepins and clip their ties to their shirts while examining patients.

"We want to ensure that ties and lanyards do not flap around when staff examine patients," said Dr Ling Moi Lin, director of infection control at SGH. "These objects can easily collect germs and bacteria - we do not want to carry them to other patients."

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