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Woman jailed for car rental scam

Fake bookings created to cheat firm about 50 times

Published on Aug 13, 2014 7:21 AM
Rumiyati Razal

A former employee at a car rental firm created fake bookings and then let acquaintances use the vehicles at a discounted price while she pocketed the fees.

Rumiyati Razali (photo), then a project manager in charge of processing rental applications, pulled the scam about 50 times between Feb 2011 and Dec 2012, causing more than $75,000 in losses to C&P Rent-A-Car. Less than $5,000 has been returned.

Rumiyati, 40, was sentenced to 16 months' jail yesterday after pleading guilty to nine charges of cheating and two counts of criminal breach of trust, one of them involving about $3,400 of a locker company's money. A further 43 charges involving C&P Rent-A-Car, largely also for cheating, were taken into consideration.

Her clients included various government agencies such as the Singapore Armed Forces and the Public Utilities Board.

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