Friday, Nov 28, 2014Friday, Nov 28, 2014

Learning to talk through our differences

The early identity issues are settled. But today, we have new identity concerns and new fault-lines.

Published on Aug 4, 2014 7:03 PM

WITH National Day around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on Singapore's national identity. Writers, columnists, politicians, intellectuals, artists, and the man and woman in the street have their own take on identity.

I see identity as never static. It evolves, expands, changes and may revert, responding to domestic developments and global changes.

In Britain, after hundreds of years of historical and constitutional evolution, because of the move for Scottish independence and the influx of new immigrants, Prime Minister David Cameron recently called on the British people to promote "British values" and to bring back "Britishness" into the curriculum in the schools.

For countries gaining independence with decolonisation, "nation-building" was seen to be the main game.

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