Sunday, Aug 31, 2014Sunday, Aug 31, 2014

Gourmet soup from a pouch? That's sad

With more restaurants using pre-packed food, will future chefs still know how to actually cook?

Published on Jun 5, 2014 6:02 AM

Debriefs in the newsroom are pretty much cut and dried. Reporter and supervisor discuss the information collected, the angle of the story, its structure and what else goes into it.

Rarely do they cause despair.

But there I am, in a deep blue funk after debriefing my colleague Rebecca Lynne Tan on her story, published on Sunday, about hotels, restaurants and cafes turning to outsourcing.

Instead of making stocks, sauces, soups, bread, cakes and other food in-house, many food and beverage establishments are buying them from manufacturers.

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