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John Lui

Attracting major film projects to Singapore

Published on May 28, 2014 3:53 PM

IT WAS an operation worthy of the undercover operative that gives the movie its name.

The crew for Agent 47, with its stars Zachary Quinto and Rupert Friend in tow, came into Singapore stealthily earlier this month to film a few scenes on its streets. Other filming took place in the new, massive sound stages run by Infinite Studios, off Portsdown Road.

But despite producer 20th Century Fox's attempts to keep things quiet, paparazzi buzzed the Robinson Road shooting site. All it took was a leak - perhaps from a reporter breaking a confidentiality agreement - and news of the photographic locations spread quickly.

Sources say the leak displeased the studio, which was trying to keep images related to the video game-inspired movie franchise a secret until the action movie's release next year.

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Background story

Agent 47, and the financial incentives it took to get it to come here, shows that Singapore's major-feature industry is still in the pump-priming stage. On top of that, there are also roadblocks.