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Thailand coup: Britain says it is reviewing military cooperation

Published on May 27, 2014 6:30 AM
Thai army chief and junta head General Prayuth Chan-ocha (centre) speaks to journalists during a news conference at the Royal Thai Army headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 26, 2014. -- PHOTO: EPA

LONDON (REUTERS) - Britain is reviewing its military relationship with Thailand following a coup last week, a spokesman for the Foreign Office said on Monday.

Thailand's army chief, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, seized control of the government last week, two days after he declared martial law, saying the military had to restore order and push through reforms after six months of turmoil. "As a first step, we are immediately cancelling a number of inward military visits between our two countries," the British Foreign Office spokesman said.

The United States has also said it is reviewing its military cooperation, including an ongoing joint exercise in Thailand involving some 700 US Marines and sailors.

Prayuth said on Monday he had been formally endorsed by the king as head of a military council that will run Thailand, and warned he would use force if political protests flare up again.