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Roast pigs and mudbaths mark colourful Philippines festivals

Published on Jun 24, 2014 10:04 PM

BALAYAN, Philippines (AFP) - Roast pigs decked out as superheroes and mud-coated farmers paraded in separate Philippine villages on Tuesday in two of the mainly Catholic nation's most colourful religious festivals.

Several thousand revellers marched behind mini-trucks carrying roasted hogs through the town of Balayan, with bystanders periodically dousing the raucous procession with buckets of water.

"In the old days these processions were not as fabulous as the ones that we have now," pensioner Teresita Francisco, 60, told AFP after watching the start of the parade from her front yard.

The procession is a post-harvest agricultural rite featuring the "lechon", suckling pig roasted on a spit over charcoal that is one of the country's most popular special dishes.

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