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Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: European aviation agency tells planes to keep clear of eastern Ukraine, Crimea

Published on Jul 19, 2014 2:53 AM
The village sign of Grabovo is seen near debris at the site of Thursday's Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, near Grabovo in the Donetsk region on July 18, 2014. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

BERLIN (AFP) - Europe's air safety agency "strongly recommended" that all flights avoid both eastern Ukraine and Crimean airspace following the apparent downing of a Malaysian civilian aircraft in rebel-held territory.

"Due to the unsafe situation created by a conflict on the eastern border of Ukraine and the situation over Crimea, where more than one Air Traffic Service provider may be controlling flight within the same airspace, careful attention should be given" and flyovers should be avoided, the European Aviation Security Agency said in a statement on Friday.