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Decent support in southern Indian states saves face for Congress

Published on May 13, 2014 12:54 AM
Congress Party members wave flags at a recent rally. The party, which is facing defeat nationwide, has got a face-saving support in two southern Indian states. --PHOTO: AFP

NEW DELHI - India's Congress party, starring at a dismal outcome at the just concluded elections, seem to have received some face-saving support in southern states of Kerala and Karnataka, with exit polls predicted a decent performance in both states where it currently runs state level governments.

The exit polls by Indian television channel CNN-IBN and CSDS-Lokniti predicted the Congress would win up to 16 seats of the 28 seats in Karnataka while the party-led alliance would get up to 14 of the 20 seats in Kerala.

The support level is starkly different from that seen across the rest of the country, where Congress is facing the wrath of the electorate over rising prices, corruption and poor governance after almost a decade in power.

The anticipated poor showing also boils down to other factors like anti-incumbency and stalled economy amid widespread support for business-friendly politician Narendra Modi of opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, which had lost Karnataka to the Congress at state polls last year.

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