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Poster row: Taiwan threatens to call off art loan to Japan over name change

Published on Jun 20, 2014 6:09 PM

TAIPEI (AFP) - Taiwan threatened Friday to terminate a loan of treasured artefacts to Japan after the name of its national museum was changed in promotional posters in a row highlighting the island's sensitivity over its global diplomatic status.

Taiwan protested as a matter of "national dignity" and demanded corrections after some of the Tokyo posters referred to the "Taipei Palace Museum" rather than the "National Palace Museum" which owns the artefacts.

The name issue has long been a sensitive topic for Taiwan which is recognised by only 22 countries in a decades-old diplomatic tug-of-war with China from which it split in 1949.

"National dignity definitely comes before cultural exchanges. The government and the public will not accept if a cultural exchange hurts our national dignity," presidential spokesman Ma Wei-kuo said in a statement.

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