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Let's respect, not shelve, differences: Beijing official visiting Taiwan told

Published on Jun 26, 2014 6:30 PM

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - Out under the baking sun, banner-waving protesters shouted "Taiwan, China; One Side, One Country".

With their cries ringing in his ears, a man touted as a future president of Taiwan told a visiting Beijiing official that future cross-strait ties should evolve and proceed on the principle of respecting differences, rather than simply putting them aside while in the pursuit of common interests.

"In the past, we spoke of qiu tong cun yi," said New Taipei City mayor Eric Chu. The saying - to seek common interests and shelve differences - has long used by both Chinese and Taiwanese leaders to diplomatically describe how the former enemies should interact.

Now, it should change, he said. "We should move toward 'qiu tong zun yi'... and respect the Taiwanese people's differing views and choices."

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