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China says cross-strait obstacles can be overcome with hard work, sincerity

Published on Jun 25, 2014 5:12 PM

TAOYUAN, Taiwan - There are problems plaguing cross-strait relations today, but they are not any more intractable than those in the past, said China's top official in charge of Taiwan affairs.

So long as both sides are "willing to work hard and with sincerity", the obstacles can be overcome, Mr Zhang Zhijun added, quoting a Chinese saying that "where there's a will, there is a way".

It was an upbeat spin on the challenges, even as Mr Zhang's visit to Taiwan - the first ever by the mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) director - coincided with protests, heavy police security, and even an expulsion of pro-independence protesters from the two rooms they had booked at the hotel where he was speaking.

The Jiangsu native was making opening remarks ahead of a meeting on Wednesday afternoon with his Taiwan counterpart, Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) chairman Wang Yu-chi, at the Novotel hotel next to Taoyuan International Airport. Mr Zhang had arrived earlier in the day.

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