Sizzling race in Death Valley

With temperatures of around 45 deg C at noon and vicious winds, California's Death Valley does not seem hospitable to any sporting activity.

But that did not stop 40-year-old American Kyle Fahrenkamp and 43-year-old Hungarian Szilvia Lubics (both in white T-shirts) from attempting the STYR Labs Badwater 135, one of the world's most demanding races. Keeping them company were members of their support team, who provided them with water and food during the 217km race that began on Monday. Both finished the race, with Mr Fahrenkamp coming in 19th and Dr Lubics 28th.

This year's 95 participants began at 85m below sea level at Badwater Basin, marking the lowest elevation in North America. The end point was Whitney Portal at 2,548m, gateway to the highest summit in the contiguous US, with runners covering three mountain ranges for a total of 4,450m of cumulative vertical ascent. Japanese Iino Wataru, 37, came in first in 24hr 56min 19sec.

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