A dining adventure to dive for

Some people are known to go to great lengths for that one-of-a-kind experience. For Belgian couple Nicolas Mouchart and Florence Lutje Spelberg, it meant diving 5m under water for dinner at The Pearl on Monday.

This unique restaurant in Brussels is located at the bottom of Nemo 33, one of the world's deepest indoor pools built to train professional divers.

The 2m-wide white sphere, which looks like a cross between a lunar landing craft and a giant spaceman's helmet, can fit up to four people. The inside of The Pearl is dry and is supplied with oxygen.

A full meal costing €99 (S$150) is served by scuba-diving waiters, who deliver the items in waterproof cases.

And, as diners tuck into their foie gras, lobster salad and champagne, they can also savour the strange tranquillity of eating in an air pocket, completely submerged.

"It is a bit like going back to a foetal state, like in a cocoon," said Mr John Beernaerts, creator of the restaurant, which took over a year to build. Multiple attempts were needed to perfect the design, mechanics and food delivery system.

But it was evidently worth it, judging by Mr Mouchart's comments after his adventure. "It was a wonderful experience," he said. "We will remember this all our life."

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