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CHICAGO (AFP) - Detroit's Big Three automakers posted solid December United States (US) sales on Wednesday, driving a strong 2011 performance and expectations for an even better 2012 as the industry slowly climbs out of a deep downturn.
DETROIT (REUTERS) - Fiat has increased its stake in Chrysler Group by 5 per cent to 58.5 per cent as it committed to build a highly fuel-efficient car at a United States (US) plant, the two companies announced on Thursday.
LONDON (AFP) - German-owned British luxury carmaker Bentley said on Tuesday that its sales surged last year on the back of strong performances in China and the United States, the world's two biggest auto markets.
MUMBAI (REUTERS) - To kick sales of its ultra-low-cost Nano into higher gear, Tata Motors needs a lot more buyers like Mr Vijay Govind Pisal, a sugar cane farmer in Ozarde in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.
LONDON (AFP) - Japanese auto giant Nissan on Wednesday said that its factory in Sunderland, north-east England, produced more than 480,000 cars last year, a record high for a British plant.
NEW DELHI (AFP) - United States (US) car giant Ford said on Wednesday it was opening a new dealership in India every 10 days to feed demand in a market it expects to be the third-biggest worldwide by the end of the decade.
TOKYO (AFP) - Japan's Suzuki Motor said Wednesday it would build a new engine factory in Indonesia in a bid to help boost output of small cars in the fast-growing South-east Asian market.
NEW DELHI (AFP) - Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto unveiled an ultra-low-cost car on Tuesday, its first foray into the four-wheel market, pitching the vehicle as a solution to urban pollution and congestion.
MUMBAI (REUTERS) - From farmers who swapped fields for cash to 20-something chief executive officers (CEO) that inherited the family business, hot new money is flooding India's luxury car market as roaring sportscar engines announce the country's growing wealth on its roads.

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