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My first encounter with the Ascari circuit was frosty, to say the least. Rain, fog and a 4 deg C temperature meant my time on the Spanish track last year was cut short after just a handful of laps.
Convertibles were all the rage in the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s, until political activist Ralph Nader singled out topless cars as being grossly unsafe, especially when it came to rollovers.
Equipping your car with a satellite navigation system not only saves you from getting lost, but it also saves you money. According to a study funded by satellite-navigation map provider Navteq, motorists equipped with a sat-nav device saw fuel efficiency improve by 12 per cent.
The main problem with electric cars is their generally limited performance and range, which can cause drivers to have palpitations and hypertension.
In the music video for their new duet Can't Remember To Forget You, pop divas Shakira and Rihanna send temperatures soaring. In a sizzling scene, the duo frolic in bed clad in near-identical black lingerie, only to emerge later in a naked embrace.
On the advice of Gibbs chairman Neil Jenkins to "go full throttle", and his deadpan assurance that "it is not possible to tip it over", I launch the Quadski into the water at an offshore test location.
Singapore cannot afford to have many more roads. So there will always be restrictions on car ownership and usage. But what if amphibious vehicles were allowed to be registered here?
It is no secret that the Macan is based on the Audi Q5, but Porsche emphasises that two-thirds of its new SUV are bespoke.
For an idea of how big an improvement the new Ducati Monster 1200S is over its predecessor, look at its power output. In the softest mode - usually reserved for city or leisure riding - the new Monster puts out 110bhp, slightly more than what the outgoing 1100 Evo produces.

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