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DETROIT (AFP) - Ford attempted to land a knock-out blow to its rivals at the Detroit auto show in revealing a dazzling new GT supercar on Monday.
BMW claims every part of the second-generation X6 is new, but the massive "coupe-sport utility vehicle" looks and feels rather similar to its segmentdefying predecessor.
Singapore is one of the smallest new-car markets in the world, with fewer than 30,000 registrations last year and a little more than 22,000 in 2013.
The public has a somewhat different opinion on which car deserves to be the ST Car of the Year. In an online poll The Straits Times carried out, most readers thought the Mercedes-Benz C-class should win.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to announce the winner of 2014's ST Car of the Year: the BMW i3.
SINGAPORE - It is that time of year again. Time for us to honour the best the automotive world has to offer, time to celebrate motoring at its best, time for The Straits Times Car of the Year.
Half-expecting the driver in a growling be-winged Mitsubishi Evo pulling ahead to cut into my lane, I eased off the throttle.
Would you pay nearly $50,000 more for a car that is 0.3 seconds quicker and 2kmh faster than another that is almost identical to it? Porsche believes you will.
How would an electric car- sharing scheme further our ambition to be "car-lite"? In short, it does not.

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