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You could say that every classic car in retired lawyer Chia Quee Khee's collection tells a story. There is the 1949 MG Y-T that was his wedding car when he married his wife, Dorothy, in 1976.
Businessman Karsono Kwee owns and runs one of the most successful motor businesses in the region. The 66-year-old's Trans Eurokars group, with multi-franchise dealerships in Singapore and Indonesia, rakes in an annual turnover of nearly $500 million.
PARIS (AFP) - Ever had trouble getting out of a tight parking space? Had a crash in a foreign country? And what if your car could avoid a potentially fatal collision with a pedestrian?
DETROIT (REUTERS) - Ford Motor Co's luxury brand Lincoln will triple its sales by 2020 to 300,000 vehicles globally, from 100,000 in 2013, the automaker's Lincoln chief said on Monday.
In the motoring world, no other type of car espouses a carefree lifestyle the way a convertible does.
Infiniti, the luxury arm of Nissan Motor, has never quite enjoyed the same level of success as Toyota's Lexus.
Turbodiesel sport-utility vehicles usually make good sense. The high torque and low consumption often associated with diesel power plants translate into huge benefits in an SUV.
Mention Irish rock band U2 and fans like me will think of their 1987 hit With Or Without You.
Petrolheads charged up by key performance figures of the NX200t (235bhp, 350Nm, 0-100kmh in 7.1 seconds and a top speed of 200kmh) will probably be less enthusiastic about the NX300h.

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