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The concept of a vehicle platform is somewhat dated. These days, a platform - think of it as the dough of a pizza - is often modular.
The laws of aerodynamics have not changed since they were first quantified nearly 300 years ago. But for sports car manufacturers, the interpretation of the laws can differ.
This is BMW's version of the Mercedes-Benz B-class, with a big dollop of brilliance. In terms of shape and size, it is similar to its arch-rival's tall hatch. But that is as far as the similarity goes.
PARIS (Agence France-Presse) - Bikes with alligator skin saddles, frames adorned with 24 carat gold leaf, or just two wheels designed to your very own personal specifications.
In the automotive world, the Porsche Targa is a bit of an oddball.
When BMW first unveiled a "sport activity coupe" called the X6 in 2008, critics wondered what its designers were thinking as the X6 appeared as neither fish nor fowl.
Among the Japanese marques in Singapore, no brand is as well known for its superminis as Suzuki.
In the heady days of the 1990s and early 2000s, Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi was selling Lancer saloons by the proverbial truckload. It has since fallen on hard times. On the Singapore front, Mitsubishi's onceteeming showroom in Alexandra Road shut its doors.
Exam season is now in full swing. If the new Volkswagen Passat were a new student waiting to be graded, it would surely manage more than just a "pass". Notably, it will get an A in subjects such as engineering and technology.

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