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Many people are familiar with the latest Mercedes- Benz C-class, which has been praised for its classy interior and on-road refinement. Not surprisingly, it is currently the most popular premium saloon in its category.
The earth has moved at Porsche. For the first time ever, there is a model in its entry-level range which outpunches its standard flag-bearing 911.
I never look at the specs of a car before a test-drive. Sometimes, I do not even know the engine size at the start.
Zoe has sashayed into town, and you can meet her at the Renault showroom in Leng Kee Road.
Alfa Romeo's outlandish 4C could well be the least insulated car in the world.
Soccer mums, rejoice. After a 13-year wait, the replacement for the Volvo XC90, the car which pioneered the seven- seater SUV, is here.
GENEVA (AFP) - Fragrance alone may not sell cars, but automakers are turning on their olfactory charm to try to sweeten the appeal and distinction of their vehicles.
Folks in the market for a value-for-money executive sedan with space and presence almost always look to the Camry.
The first Suzuki Vitara I drove, about 20 years ago, was as tough as a recruit's army boots, rough on the move and sparsely equipped. It did not even have an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

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