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According to a Volkswagen product marketing executive, the new Golf Sportsvan is aimed at young families and "best agers", which we surmise is a euphemism for retirees.
Driving a sports car says a few things about you. The obvious would be that you are wealthy, you love life in the fast lane and you value performance.
Once the workhorse of delivery companies and small tradesmen, the sidecar has emerged as an unlikely automotive fashion statement in Singapore, thanks to Mr Johnny Chen.
Los Angeles - Aficionados have argued for ages over which individual has had the greatest influence on the automobile.
Five years ago, Lamborghini started work on the Gallardo's replacement model, Huracan, named after a famous fighting bull from Spain. It is an entirely new model, not an extensive update of the old entry- level Lambo.
DETROIT4 (AFP) - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will keep a lid on production of new Ferraris over the next five years despite huge demand in emerging markets like China, Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne said on Tuesday.
There was an off-beat but memorable sci-fi television drama called Weird Science in the 1990s about two socially awkward teenagers who created their dream girl on a computer.
The motor show is nearly as old as the car itself. The earliest ones were Paris, Berlin (precursor to Frankfurt) and Detroit, held in the late 1890s.
There is something strangely unfamiliar about the new Mini, and it takes me more than a day to figure out what it is.

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