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Do you remember a time when there were no mobile phones, when there was no Internet, when people wrote letters instead of e-mail?
When it comes to famous last names, few are as emotive and celebrated as his. Yet, as the sole remaining son of the late Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, Mr Piero Ferrari is a man seldom in the limelight.
Do buyers of executive sedans care about how the cylinders in a car's engine are arranged? Or how power from the engine is transmitted to the wheels (and which wheels)? Or even the layout of the entire drivetrain?
When BMW first unveiled its now ubiquitous iDrive system 14 years ago, a Mercedes-Benz executive was asked what he thought of it.
The line separating a completely new model and a mid-life facelift has become so thin that it might as well not exist.
If cars were tools, the new outdoorsy-sounding Subaru Outback would be a Swiss Army knife.
DETROIT (REUTERS) - Honda Motor Co has joined Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz in testing self-driving vehicles and technologies on private roads at a former US naval facility outside San Francisco, the Japanese automaker said Tuesday.
NEW YORK (AFP) - The Lincoln Continental, the luxury car of celebrities and US presidents from yesteryear, is coming back.
Many people are familiar with the latest Mercedes- Benz C-class, which has been praised for its classy interior and on-road refinement. Not surprisingly, it is currently the most popular premium saloon in its category.

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