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Being Lexus' first turbocharged model, the NX200t has quite a lot to live up to.
BMW dealer Performance Motors will surely frown on me for saying this, but those eyeing BMW cars might want to hold off until July.
Lately, I have been feeling a little like Dustin Hoffman's character in Marathon Man.
Cheryl could not decide which of two dealers to sell her five-year-old Toyota Camry to, because both made dismal offers. So she said she would sell it to the one who could guess the car's exact registration date.
The last time Kia introduced its Carens compact seven-seater here was in 2006, with a facelift three years later.
Do you remember a time when there were no mobile phones, when there was no Internet, when people wrote letters instead of e-mail?
When it comes to famous last names, few are as emotive and celebrated as his. Yet, as the sole remaining son of the late Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, Mr Piero Ferrari is a man seldom in the limelight.
Do buyers of executive sedans care about how the cylinders in a car's engine are arranged? Or how power from the engine is transmitted to the wheels (and which wheels)? Or even the layout of the entire drivetrain?
When BMW first unveiled its now ubiquitous iDrive system 14 years ago, a Mercedes-Benz executive was asked what he thought of it.

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