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Audi's new Q7 is a mirage. Although it is not quite as long or broad as its predecessor and it stands a mite taller, it appears quite the opposite.
Remember the Jaguar X-Type? Neither does Jaguar, it seems.
You are in a side road, waiting to merge with traffic in a busy arterial. You hesitate each time there is a gap, even though your car easily out-guns whatever is heading your way.
The history of the classic Mini is fascinating.
ZURICH (AFP) - Swiss telephone firm Swisscom on Tuesday unveiled a driverless car that is being tested on the roads of Zurich, a first in the country.
Know what makes you wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy? A Rolls-Royce Ghost in your driveway, that's what. Better still, a Ghost Series II.
If you were shopping for a muscular sports convertible and on a budget of up to a million dollars, what would you go for?
Being Lexus' first turbocharged model, the NX200t has quite a lot to live up to.
BMW dealer Performance Motors will surely frown on me for saying this, but those eyeing BMW cars might want to hold off until July.

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