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It is probably pointless now to say how irrelevant and wasteful SUVs are. The world just cannot seem to get enough of them, high pump prices be damned.
BMW's new M4 Coupe is fast. So fast, in fact, that it has reached our shores barely a month after an international test-drive programme in Portugal.
BMW has a knack for making cars which display driving characteristics that are, well, BMW-ish.
Driving a Lexus is always a pleasure, even if the car is not an entirely new model but one with a minor facelift.
Problems faced by car owners in the first years of a vehicle's life have risen for the first time in 16 years, driven by problematic engines and transmissions, research company JD Power says.
Three-cylinder engines used to be the preserve of budget cars. They were light, economical and inexpensive. But most also tended to be tinny, wheezy and buzzy.
It would be quite churlish to label the latest addition to Bentley's Flying Spur line-up, equipped with a new 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8, as entry-level.
In a sophisticated market such as Singapore, few people go for dumbed-down products.
The new model you have been looking forward to may be a little late. But not because the manufacturer or the agent screwed up.

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