Sunday, Mar 1, 2015Sunday, Mar 1, 2015
Two months ago housewife Lee Kim Mui was in dire straits. Because her liver was failing, her heart, kidneys and other organs were shutting down one by one. Her only hope was a new liver, but her husband and three adult children had been ruled out as donors.
Instead of buying your mum a bouquet of flowers, why not make one with her? Raffles International Floristry Academy is offering special one-on-one Mother’s Day floral arrangement classes till next Saturday.
Besides celebrating the occasion with your mother, you can also help other mothers and women out there who are in need.
She took loans to put me in a private art college.
My mum worked in a bank before resigning to care of us.
My mum is the greatest because no matter how I have wronged her in the last 23 years, she has never let me down and still continues to do her best for me.
Through thick and thin, ups and downs, the roller-coaster ride that is life, my mum remains strong.
Heartwarming stories about great mums have been pouring in the past few days for The Straits Times' Mother's Day contest.
My mum is the greatest because she is like the sister I never had.
When she fell to her lowest in 2000, she picked herself up, for my brother and I.
My mum is very thrifty when it comes to herself, but she is willing to spend on her family
My mother possesses patience, tolerance, honesty, and commitment.
As a child, I never thought I had a distant relationship with my mother.
It can be stressful to plan your day out with the greatest mother, since she deserves only the best.
The reason my mum is the greatest is simply being a single mum when my dad left us when I was only nine months old.
My mum is the greatest because she taught me to always have positive thoughts, and to be contented with what I have.
My mum-in-law raised six wonderful kids and loves their spouses like her own.
My mum is kind-hearted - she's easily bullied, but always forgiving.
Mum is the pillar of support in our family -- she handles everything at home in addition to her own career.
Being a single parent and the sole breadwinner of the family since 1995 has never been easy.
My mum is the greatest because not only is she nice to me, she is nice to everyone.
Celebrate the most important woman in your life this Mother’s Day by telling us why your mum is the best, and you just may win a beauty treatment package for her.
Sometimes, an ordinary mother’s sacrifice for their children can go unnoticed. Unlike their famous counterparts, these mothers are not in the spotlight, but their extraordinary acts of love deserve to be told.
Instead of splurging on a random gift that you do not know if your mother would like, show your appreciation with something tailor-made for her.

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To join the contest, simply tell us why your mum is the greatest in the world in 50 words or less. Write to, with your full name, NRIC, contact number and a photograph of you and your mother.

The contest is open to all Singaporeans and permanent residents residing in Singapore. Employees of Singapore Press Holdings and The Glamourous Factory are not eligible for the contest. Winners will be contacted.

The contest closes on May 11.