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Tribute To Our Mothers
My mother, who is single-handedly responsible for my academic and non-academic achievements so far, is the best mother I can ever ask for.
My mother is kind, gentle and has a warm heart. Mother's Day comes once a year. Some people think that if they buy their mothers flowers and a card on this day that they have fulfilled their obligation as children for the rest of the year.
Dear Mum, you've been a lovely tiger mum - being strict yet forgiving. Even though you aren't a law professor at Yale, your painstaking upbringing of me has brought me this far.
Happy Mother's Day! Nothing beats waking up early in the morning, going to the market with her and helping her to prepare the food for a family beach outing later!
As I began writing this I realised how little I understand about my mother. I say this not because I am unfilial but because of how self-sacrificing she is.
Dear Mum, thanks for all the support, encouragement and advice you have given me over the years. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!
Thanks Mummy for taking care of our health with nutritious food and drinks! Feeding us lots of fruits and veggies. Happy Mother's Day!
My mum is a housewife. She is 44 but she looks 25. She's one of the most fashionable mothers I have ever seen. And she knows a lot about the advanced technology too.
I miss you, Ma. From Australia with love, Yip
My mother, Madam Ter Siok, is the loveliest and warmest person in my life.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Thank you for being the Greatest Woman, Mum and Daughter.
This week, seven-year-old Jason asked me what I would like for Mother's Day: "Can I use my savings to buy you a present?"
Five years ago, almost to the day, I sat on a plane, puffy- eyed and dazed as New York City disappeared from my view and my 22-hour journey home to Singapore began.
Today, no card written by a stranger and printed in a factory and placed in the Mother's Day section of a shop will arrive in the home of an 80-year-old woman in India. No, not going to happen, it's just not our style.
THESE days, Baihakki Khaizan is a key player in the LionsXII's title assault in the Malaysian Super League.
She plays personal assistant, chef, chauffeur and confidante to her swimmer son.
At any local or overseas regattas involving Singapore sailors, there is usually one constant - Sharifah Masturah Shahab and her home-made smoothies.
My mum suddenly became a widow 30 years ago when my dad was killed in a car accident. As an uneducated woman, she worked and soiled her hands and feet to bring her four little monkeys up.
I just want to thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me ever since I was born. No matter how minor or major these sacrifices were, they are deeply appreciated!
Thank you for pulling this family together, even in the hardest of times.
When Madam Kwa Geok Choo, former PM Lee Kuan Yew’s wife, passed away, I decided to buy, read and keep that day's copy of The Sunday Times. In my eyes, both Madam Kwa and my mum share the same similarities, ie they were both very outstanding ladies.
Thank you Mum for being different.
My mom is many things: She's a competent accountant, herbalist/doctor, excellent chef, mediocre singer, reflective philosopher, efficient nurse, amazing housekeeper, and an awesome mother.
This year is the first Mother's Day without my mother on this Earth but she will always remain in my heart.
She is always there for me in joy, and in sadness. My mother has given me a wonderful childhood.
Mum brought me up single-handedly. My dad, a prominent gambler, passed away when I was seven months old. He did not leave behind a single cent. Instead, we were riddled with debts.
My family thought she could reach a ripe old age, but it was not the case. I am glad all her suffering has ended and I want to take this opportunity to share how an incredible woman she is as a mother.
Even though she has passed on for more than six years, we still remember her as someone we could trust and depend on when help was needed; someone who could patiently listen to your problems; and someone whom you could seek views and advice.
My admiration, My adoration, My love for you is all beyond what words can express.
We want you to have the best Mothers' Day ever!
Through good times and through not-so-good-times, we stuck it out together.
When I join in the family meals, I often get the chicken drumstick from both mothers, being the one who `needs the nourishment’.
A mother’s love for her child is an endless fountain of grace.
Since I was young, she would go the extra mile to connect with me, to understand my interests as well as know my friends and the various things happening in my life.
In remembrance of my mother, Chia Hwee Lan (1905-1943)
You're the glue that holds our family together.
A tribute to my mother, Mrs Pearl Fernando
As the primary caregiver for my dad who suffered a massive brain-stem stroke in 2004, my mother, Madam Gowry, has been looking after him day and night with relentless devotion and unconditional love.
No matter how hard life gets, Mum is always there for us.
My mother is Madam Chong Hong Eng, who is 79 this year. She is a picture of beauty and poise and a pillar of strength and hope.
My mother, Mrs Tan Kim Boay, had to stop going to school when she was eight years old. She worked in a rubber plantation to earn extra income to support her siblings.
At the tender age of 19, Mum was certainly a head-turner, but she chose to marry an honest-looking man who is eight years her senior.
Dearest Mum, seven years have passed. Your memory still lives on. How I wish you were with me this Mother's Day.
Not exactly the most articulate son or daughter, but still want to express your deepest appreciation to Mum this weekend? Why not curate your own MP3/YouTube playlist, plug your mobile device to speakers and surprise her with it on Sunday?
WHEN her daughter told her to look at a webpage yesterday, housewife Loke Wai May, 52, did not expect to see her own face staring back at her.
WOMEN who raise their children alone are being given a well-earned treat - a Mother's Day bowling session.
When her son Kyle started developing eczema at the age of one, Ms Laurel Tan panicked. She was not sure what had triggered the reaction or what she could do to prevent it from happening again.
My mum, who is 79, was admitted to Changi General Hospital when she suffered a heart attack last month. She has since been discharged but her health is deteriorating.
We lost our beloved mother, Madam Tay, last November to pneumonia.
Dear Mummy, we love you. We wish you happiness and good health.
Through our growing-up years, our Mum, Madam Agnes Yu Yang Hwa, has always been there for us - to prepare delicious Chinese cuisine; to drive us around the island for sports-training sessions and music lessons; and to periodically sacrifice time, sleep, energy and money for us so that we can have the best of everything.
It is never an easy task for a woman to raise her child, much less a child with a medical condition.
Dear Chia Soon Kim (or "Tam Zie" in Cantonese, as she is affectionately called by her friends and relatives), thank you for being my best and most loving mother.
Like many youth, Ms Aqila Abu was slightly apprehensive when a Facebook request from her mother first popped up in her notifications about three years ago.
This picture was taken in Ipoh, Malaysia, 40 years ago and my mum, Lily Goh, still looks as good then and now. She was 18 in the photo.
I miss my mum, Madam Teo Bee Kim, dearly even after seven years of her death.
To celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, Straits Times cartoonist Lee Chee Chew has created an e-greeting you can send to your Mum.
My mother single-handedly took on the tedious chore of taking care of my bedridden father, who is now 67, as well as us, her four children.
Your kuay pai tee, heaped to the brim with a savoury compote ...
I do not know how many more Mother's Days my siblings and I can celebrate with my mum Madam Cheong Choi.
Tiramisu was the first recipe that 2am: dessertbar's chef-owner Janice Wong learnt from her housewife mother Agnes, 55, at the age of 10.
Raising a chilli coward must have been really appalling for my poor mother, Madam Joyce Lim, 73, who loves spicy food. But here I am, breaking out in sweat when I tuck into anything with chilli in it, gulping cold milk or yogurt when the heat gets too much.
Mee siam is the signature dish of chef Malcolm Lee’s mother Julie Koh.
To honour the memory of her late mother, Madam Siti Mastura Alwi sticks to the tradition of cooking her signature fenugreek porridge on the first day of Ramadan.
My mother, Mrs Betty Yong, loves travelling. She is 62 this year.
Madam Tay Et has no big wish for Mother's Day this Sunday.
Local Mandopop superstar Stefanie Sun may soon be releasing songs inspired by her baby. Speaking to Life! in a one- on-one interview at Goodwood Park Hotel on Tuesday, the 34-year-old says she has found herself "making up songs" and singing to her son, now six months old, all the time.
Kate Middleton may be expanding around the middle, but the Duchess of Cambridge, who is close to seven months pregnant, is still making the best-dressed list in a parade of stylish maternity outfits.
Evergreen Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Ching wants to charm the socks off your mum.
Two decades ago, when dental surgeon Irene Chua found she could not talk to her teenage daughter, she wrote letters to her.
When teenager Melvin Teo calls "mummy", two women may respond.
When her son David was diagnosed with schizophrenia and refused to speak to her for 15 months, housewife Elsie Ting did not let it break her or her family.
If your mother and wife were drowning at the same time, whom would you save first?
New Yahoo! chief executive officer Marissa Mayer may have a tough time at the helm of the Internet company. She may have a tougher time winning over women, especially working mothers.
I had a glimpse of the dreaded future while going through some preschool homework with my son recently.
I did an incredibly stupid thing while preparing for the birth of my first child five years ago.
On any given work day, I get less than two hours of face-time with my kids. Of this limited period, a precious chunk is spent on the road, as I drive them home from my mum's place, and looking at them from a distance, as my husband and I hurry through dinner while they tear around the house.
The love notes first surfaced last year.
I secretly hoped last week that Jason would make a mistake in spelling.
One overcast Sunday, my husband was out cycling with our six-year-old son Jason when a storm struck.
When my sister walked into my home one recent Friday evening, she saw a mess of toys, clothes and newspapers strewn around my living room and remarked to me: "You must have been very busy at work this week".
Photographers from The Straits Times share photos of their mothers as we commemorate Mother's Day this weekend.
Artist Adam Lee charts the progression of motherhood in this comic strip.
Artist Miel looks back on how his mother made him what he is today.

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