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MediShield Life Review

The increase in MediShield Life premiums will be no more than $355 a year, with most of it absorbed by government subsidies and top-ups, the MediShield Life Review Committee announced on June 27. All premiums are expected to remain within Medisave contributions, and there will be no additional cash outlay required.

* Note: All premiums figures are shown on a per month basis, but are payable per year. Full table of premiums can be found here. 2019 premiums include premium subsidies but no transitional subsidies

1 Premium and subsidy details are provided by the Ministry of Health. Applicable for Singapore Citizens staying in residences with an Annual Value (AV) of $13,000 or less. For those with AV above $13,000, please click here. Permanent Residents receive half of the applicable premium subsidies for Singapore Citizens and no transitional subsidies

2 Lower-income refers to individuals with monthly per capita household income of $1,100 or less

3 Lower-middle-income refers to individuals with monthly per capita household income of $1,101 to $1,800

4 Upper-middle-income refers to individuals with monthly per capita household income of $1,801 to $2,600

5 High income refers to individuals with monthly per capita household income above $2,600

6 Net premiums shown are for Pioneer Generation Singaporeans

8 proposed recommendations


Remove lifetime claim limit of $300,000


Increase policy year claim limit from $70,000 to $100,000


Increase daily claim limits for normal wards and ICU wards by up to 55%


Increase claim limits for surgical procedures by between 25% and 93%


Increase daily claim limits for community hospitals by 40% from $250 to $350


Increase claim limits for outpatient cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy


Lower co-insurance rates from the current range of 10 to 20 per cent to 3% to 10%


Start premium rebates earlier from the age of 66, instead of 71

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WHEN I attended the press conference of the MediShield Life Review Committee last week, I quipped to one of the committee members that they had done such a good job, the Ministry of Health should appoint them to become a standing committee.
Q: Isn't the maximum per capita income level of $2,600 to qualify for permanent subsidies rather low if two out of three people are to get them?
The MediShield Life Review Committee has done a good job in coming up with a national insurance scheme to cover everyone, with higher benefits than now, yet maintaining premiums at an affordable level.
Here are the full tables of MediShield Life premiums and subsidies.
The increase in premiums which people will have to pay for the better benefits under MediShield Life will be less than $360 a year, with most of it absorbed by various government subsidies and top-ups.
Private insurers should offer a standardised integrated shield plan providing coverage for B1-class wards, said the MediShield Life review committee on Friday.
SINGAPORE - When MediShield Life kicks in next year, those with pre-existing conditions not currently covered under MediShield should have to pay an extra 30 per cent in premiums for 10 years.
SINGAPORE - Employers and unions should work together to introduce portable medical benefits for their employees, said the MediShield Life Review Committee which released its report today.
SINGAPORE - For now, at least, MediShield Life, like the Pioneer Generation package, stands out as a major policy shift that appears to have succeeded in attaining most of its objectives and will give its rapidly ageing population more peace of mind about their healthcare needs.
Proposals unveiled recently by a committee tasked to look at enhancing the national health insurance scheme MediShield contained much good news.
SINGAPORE - Universal health insurance plan Medishield Life is a boon for the Malay-Muslim community, said Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim on Sunday evening.
SINGAPORE - Training is underway for 500 women grassroots leaders to help them better reach out to heartlanders and explain national policies like the Pioneer Generation Package. So far, 170 of the volunteers have been trained.
MANY questions have been asked about MediShield Life since more details about the scheme were released last week, and The Straits Times is here to help.
PART-TIME lecturer Ng Lee Meng had a brush with colorectal cancer almost 20 years ago and her surgery bill was more than $10,000.
Out of pocket payments for major hospital bills could be cut by as much as half, following a review committee's recommendations for MediShield Life.
How should one interpret the proposed claims benefits revealed yesterday as part of the new MediShield Life scheme?