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Art review: Nikhil Chopra unleashes a potent blend of art forms

Published on Aug 18, 2014 4:42 PM

Toss painting with video, performance and elements of theatre and you get the work Give Me Your Blood And I Will Give You Freedom.

A veritable rojak of the arts, the piece by Indian artist Nikhil Chopra makes for a fitting commission for the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

As with the pungent, sweet-savoury dish of the region, which is most satisfying when consumed as an appetiser rather than a dessert or entree (though no less important as a course in a meal), so too is the experience of Chopra's creation.

The 50-hour performance is many things in one and democratic in how the audience encounters it - one is free to come and go as one pleases throughout the show - but it is perhaps most tantalising when one considers how it liberates the visual arts, particularly painting, and avails it to new, exciting possibilities using elements of theatre and performance.

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