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Visual Arts

PARIS (AFP) - A sculpture by US pop artist Jeff Koons has been pulled from a retrospective of his work at the Centre Pompidou in Paris after he was accused of ripping off a French clothing advert, the museum said Tuesday.
This exhibition trains its lens on documentary photography as 10 lensmen, such as Oh Soon-Hwa and Nate Larson, explore new ways of portraying truth through photography. The works presented, including Oh's French Colonial House (2009), also seek new ways of enriching documentary photography with advances in digital technology.
Pearl Lam is reeling off what she ate for lunch. "I had mee siiam, roti chaana and a doorean crepe and a doorean puff," she purrs, mangling the pronunciation of the local delicacies in her English boarding school- meets-Hong Kong socialite accent.
At the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a work of art made in Singapore greets thousands of international visitors as they pass through the doors of the renowned arts institution every day.
GENEVA (REUTERS) - Researchers into the provenance of a painting dubbed the "Early Mona Lisa" reported on Monday they had identified an English noble who probably bought it in Italy in the late 18th century and a country house where it was found in 1911.
BUDAPEST (AFP) - A long-lost avant-garde painting went under the auction hammer Saturday in Hungary, after a sharp-eyed art historian rediscovered it being used as a prop in the Hollywood film Stuart Little.
LONDON (AFP) - The original drawing of an iconic literary illustration depicting Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends playing "poohsticks" sold at auction in London on Tuesday for a record-breaking £314,500 (S$647,537).
Advertising posters from Parisian streets from the late 1940s became art in the hands of French artists Jacques Villegle and Raymond Hains.

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