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Visual Arts
As a child, Mr Sundaram Tagore saw his family's extensive art collection dismantled and sold off piece by piece to pay creditors.
The sprawling Indian epic of the Mahabharata will once again take to the stage by way of the Moksha Festival organised by Avant Theatre & Language.
The National Museum of Singapore will be closing its Food Gallery, Photography Gallery and Goh Seng Choo Gallery for renovation works starting Monday, Sept 29.
Hundreds of years before the Wright brothers glided off a cliff at Kitty Hawk, Leonardo da Vinci was already filling his notebooks with sketches of winged machines.
HELSINKI (AFP) - The Guggenheim Foundation said on Wednesday that it had received a huge response to an open competition to design the future Guggenheim Museum in the Finnish capital Helsinki.
The Asian Civilisations Museum has been voted top museum in Singapore by users of the travel website TripAdvisor.
With its second anniversary coming up on Friday, things are looking up at Gillman Barracks. Local gallery Yavuz Fine Art opens this week, bringing the number of galleries there to 17.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sales of classical Chinese paintings, devotional sculptures from India, Nepal and Tibet and ancient ceramic and porcelain vases and jars, including a rare Ming dynasty bowl, will be among the highlights of Asian Art Week auctions in New York.

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