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Visual Arts
In a small, sound-proofed studio skirting the northern suburbs of Paris, Emily Of Emerald Hill is holding court.
ROME (REUTERS) - Italian police have recovered a painting by Spanish master Pablo Picasso that a retired frame maker in Rome said he had been given nearly 40 years ago.
The largest-ever showcase of Singapore arts and culture overseas opened on Thursday evening in Paris, France, with an estimated 2,000 visitors packing the Palais de Tokyo, a cutting-edge space for contemporary art.
It is barely two hours into the vernissage of Art Paris Art Fair at the Grand Palais in the French capital on Wednesday.
China-born Singapore artist Fan Shaohua's retrospective show reflects more of his life here, since he moved over 23 years ago, than his native home in Guangzhou, the capital of southern Guangdong province, where he grew up and was educated.
China, with one of the world's largest number of billionaires, is where you will find crazy rich Asians. They live in plush mansions, travel on private jets and dress in luxury labels from head to toe; their lavish lifestyle is rich fodder for gossip columns.
He has overseen new museums such as the landmark Tate Modern in London, but Dr Lars Nittve, admits it is "rather unusual" to build up a museum collection from scratch.
It is a three-way fight for the Best Set Design trophy at this year's M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards.

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