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Visual Arts
Not many people can paint a picture of a place without having visited it at least once. But American pop artist Charles Fazzino did just that with Singapore.
Known for its exquisite artefacts exploring Asian history and cultures, the Asian Civilisations Museum has staged its first show targeted mainly at children.
Award-winning potter Iskandar Jalil is the first Singaporean artist to receive a prestigious award from the Japanese emperor.
"Of course, the value is high. But it is also nothing because it is in a museum...
(REUTERS) - Christie's auction house in New York previewed its spring sale of Latin American art, which featured works by well-known artists including Mexican painters Remedios Varo, Rufino Tamayo, and Colombian artist Fernando Botero.
The murky issue of art fraud, recently brought to the fore by a high-profile case involving the National Gallery Singapore, has perennially plagued the art industry here and looks set to worsen amid steady growth in demand for works by big-name artists, say art collectors and experts.
Lee Jian Xuan zooms in on similar versions of works by pioneer local artists that have surfaced in galleries and at auctions and asks experts to evaluate their authenticity.
SYDNEY - The streets of Sydney and its iconic landmarks, including the Opera House and the Museum of Contemporary Art, became backdrops to the world's largest light festival as the 2015 Vivid Sydney festival was launched on Friday. 

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