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Taitung's treasures by the sea

Facing the Pacific Ocean, this Taiwanese county embraces its natural beauty, from beaches and lakes to mountains and parks

Published on Jun 1, 2014 1:13 PM

As cars whiz by before us and with the roar of the Pacific Ocean at our backs, one of the most powerful men in Taiwan's aboriginal Puyuma tribe is being scolded.

I do not understand the language but the gist is clear. He, the stupid man, clucks a remonstrating woman as she gesticulates at his head, has left back home the most critical item for the ceremony.

I look around. Everyone - young, old, men, women - is wearing a beautiful crown of colourful flowers on his or her head.

The man, a former headsman of the Kasavakan village - childhood home of Taiwan pop star A-mei - shrugs sheepishly as he shepherds me across the road to where a raucous outdoor feast of chicken, beer and local rice liqueur is starting.

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