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Zoe Tay plays out her childhood dream in new medical drama

The veteran actress, who used to fear needles, gets to be a nurse in new MediaCorp drama

Published on Jul 5, 2014 1:07 PM

Veteran local actress Zoe Tay could have been a nurse but for one little thing: She feared injection needles.

She had harboured dreams of becoming a nurse after reading the story of Florence Nightingale during her primary school days.

Tay, 46, said: "Due to a bad experience with an injection when I was young, I used to get scared at the mere sight of a needle. I slowly overcame my fear when I was in the hospital to give birth and I had to be put on the drip. I got used to injections."

While it is probably a little too late for her now to have a career change, it is not too late to try her hand at nursing. The veteran actress will get a chance to live her childhood ambition in the role of a senior nurse in the new MediaCorp drama You Can Be An Angel Too, which begins shooting next week. It is scheduled to air in January.

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