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Scarlet Heart 2 is a robotic remake of the hit drama

Scarlet Heart 2 is not a sequel to the tragedy-tinged Scarlet Heart but a repetitive, robotic remake of the hit drama

Published on Jun 12, 2014 3:20 PM

Near the end of Scarlet Heart, the 2011 Chinese time travel hit, Ma'ertai Ruoxi (Liu Shishi) retreats to the desert, married in name to her friend, the 14th prince.

Far away from the love of her life, her brother-in-law the Yongzheng emperor (Nicky Wu), she is finally free to lose herself in reverie - to picture a happy Forbidden City where only she and he live, untroubled by his stormy political battle with his brothers.

She pines away and dies, then wakes up as Zhang Xiao in modern-day China. Still aching for Yongzheng in the finale, Xiao stumbles upon an exhibition of Qing history and comes face to face with a stranger with a striking resemblance to her emperor.

The ending of Scarlet Heart was alive to the misery of an impossible passion, yet it allowed you a glimmer of new possibility. It was the show rather elegantly letting you have your cake and eat it.

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