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Resurrecting the dead

New show about a boy who comes back from the dead has attracted buzz on social media

Published on May 8, 2014 6:07 PM
Set in a small town in America, Resurrection stars (from left) Omar Epps, Frances Fisher, Kurtwood Smith and Devin Kelley. -- PHOTO: LIFETIME

High-concept TV shows with a huge mystery nestling at the centre of their premise are hit and miss, as Lost, Heroes, Under The Dome and FlashForward have shown.

Resurrection, the latest such example, is as high-concept as they come - it is about the dead coming back to life in a small town in the United States.

But its cast members, who were here to promote the show, are confident that their show has the potential to go on for quite a bit.

American actor Omar Epps, 40, tells Life! at an interview at Fullerton Hotel this week: "The show has legs because, essentially, it is a family drama. The concept may be huge and it's hovering over the show, but once you delve into all the characters, it's really about their relationships, which flip and fold, and flip and fold."

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