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Political dramas can reflect real life

Viewers of such dramas become co-conspirators and partake vicariously in conspiracies in the corridors of power

Published on May 13, 2014 6:41 PM

I am a bit late to the political party, but I have finally discovered the pleasures of Borgen.

The Danish political drama, which first aired in 2011, has been earning critical raves. It became a (subtitled) hit in the United Kingdom and even crossed the pond to the United States where no less a luminary than best-selling author Stephen King declared it one of the best 10 TV shows of 2012.

Newsweek also labelled it, rather catchily, "the best TV show you have never seen", which was probably prophetic since the US is known to be completely indifferent to subtitled fare.

Having worked my way through a DVD box set of season one, I am totally hooked and am already mourning the fact that the series survived only three seasons.

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