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When kids have a voice at home, they will develop the confidence to speak in public, say parents

Speak up and be heard

Published on Apr 13, 2014 1:06 PM

After the missing MH370 tragedy occurred, IT auditor Kamal Kamari, 40, got each of his four children, aged 11 to 16, to "give a theory based on facts" on what happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight.

Says his 41-year-old civil servant wife, Liza: "They speak their minds. We don't judge."

Their eldest son Khaizuran Kamal, 16, a St Joseph's Institution student, says attending speech and drama workshops when he was seven to 12 years old made him "comfortable in speaking up". He asked to stop the classes when he felt "I could take it on my own".

Discussing hot topics of the day among themselves in the family is vital and something the parents started when the children were in primary school. Being able to do so will impact the way they handle themselves in the boardroom in the future, says their dad.

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Background story

“When they are used to making suggestions and asking questions at home, they have much confidence in giving opinions in school.”