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Seriously Kidding

Unadventurous dad

Doing the same things over and over on the weekends may be safe, but is it bad for my kids?

Published on Jul 20, 2014 3:06 PM

On almost any given weekend, I can be found at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with my wife and two daughters.

We set off from home at the same time and arrive at Resorts World Sentosa just in time for lunch. We go to one of the same two restaurants, are greeted by the same faces, who take our orders for the same dishes.

After lunch, which takes the same amount of time to finish (about an hour), we take the same route via the same elevator to the same convenience store to buy the same drinks, before making our way to the theme park.

Inside, we take the same rides (Enchanted Airways roller coaster, Canopy Flyer and Transformers) in the same combination: Faith, seven, and my wife are scared of the roller coaster, so they go to Transformers for the 3-D thrills, while I take Sarah, four, to Enchanted Airways. Then I'd take both of them, one at a time, on the Canopy Flyer.

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