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Skydiver at 12

Published on Aug 17, 2014 11:43 PM
Primary 6 pupil Kyra Poh (left) holds a Guinness World Record for performing the most number of backward somersaults in a wind tunnel in a minute. With her are her parents Carolyn and Roy Poh (at the back), maternal grandparents Doris Teo and Sunny Teo, and younger sister Vera. -- ST PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN

When 12-year-old Kyra Poh decided earlier this year to go from indoor skydiving to actual skydiving from a plane thousands of metres up in the sky, her father was shocked and did not approve of it.

It was four years earlier than Mr Roy Poh, 40, had expected. Their agreement had been to wait until Kyra was 16, the legal age to skydive. But his wife Carolyn, 40, found out Kyra could do it at the minimum age of 12 in Sydney where they were going on a trip, and both mum and daughter were up for it.

But Mr Poh, a creative director, who says he is a worrier by nature, thought she would be too small for the harness and "it wouldn't be able to hold her".

He adds: "It took a few days for them to convince me."

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