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Family's his rock

Published on Jun 29, 2014 1:08 PM
Noel (far right) gets the support he needs from (from left) his mum, Mrs Belen Hidalgo Tan; his dad, Mr Tan Wang Tee; sister-in-law Claris Lim and brother Nic. -- PHOTO: COURTESY OF NOEL HIDALGO TAN

When archaeology PhD student Noel Hidalgo Tan announced in 2005 that he wanted to study rock art, his bemused parents turned to Google.

"We tried to learn and understand what he does," says his mother, housewife Belen Hidalgo Tan, 63.

Mrs Tan, originally from Quezon City in the Philippines, went on the Internet to search for pictures and places related to rock art, which are ancient human-made markings on natural stone.

It did not help that Noel, 35, "didn't really try to explain", he admits, "because half the time, I didn't think they would understand".

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