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Family raving: Londoners re-live dancing days with kids in tow

Published on Apr 18, 2014 11:20 AM

LONDON (AFP) - The bass is pumping, the lights are low and the dance floor of the club is heaving. It's the weekend and the young man is enjoying himself - until someone steals his balloon.

Dressed in a Spider-Man outfit, the four-year-old boy runs to his dad by the bar to complain, before receiving a glow stick in consolation.

Such are the highs and lows of family raving, a new craze fuelled by London's ex-clubbers who still want to go dancing but now have kids in tow.

"What a genius idea - beer, raving, children. What more could you want?" said Mr Paul Crawley, 34, swaying slowly on the dance floor carrying his baby daughter Camille in a sling.

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