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Daddy dearest

Raising children can be doubly hard when you are a single dad, a senior dad and a step-dad

Published on Jun 15, 2014 4:52 PM

Being dad is tough, as many of today's hands-on fathers have found out.

Things get even more challenging when one is a stepdad, a single dad or a new dad in his 40s or 50s.

These fathers tell SundayLife! that they have to handle tricky matters such as being accepted by their stepchildren, playing the role of both mother and father, and dealing with a wide age gap.

Family experts say stepfathers need to exercise patience when attempting to overcome acceptance issues by their stepchildren.

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Background story

"When I chose this route in marriage, I did not know if it was wrong or right. But I told myself, 'Just make it right.' Now, I look forward to seeing where this route takes us together."

MR QUENTIN FOON on marrying single mum of two Agnes Lim. With them are his stepchildren, Faith and Lexx

"She's very into pink at the moment, so as long as  there is pink in her outfit,  I think it works." 

WIDOWER KELVIN MOK on dressing his daughter, Janice. His wife died  of lung cancer about 11/2 years ago, when Janice was four

"It would be nice to see Jivan as a grown-up man, but I don't know. It's one of those things that I sometimes wake up wondering about in the middle of the night. I try not to dwell on it."

DIRECTOR RAMA CHANDRAN, who became a first-time dad at the age of 52. With him are his wife Amy Cheng, six-year-old son Jivan and stepson Joshua, 17