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From Asher to Zed: unusual names for Singapore babies

Parents give their children unusual monickers to help them stand out

Published on Aug 17, 2014 11:36 PM

When Ms Nadine Soh, 29, was thinking of a boy's name for her first child in 2009, she was attracted to popular names such as Jayden and Caden. "They sound really nice but they are a bit common, so I decided to throw a 'z' in," says the housewife.

Her son Zayden Asher is now five. His name is a combination of the names Zane and Jayden.

Her other two sons have interesting names too: Reuel Axel is three and Kaien Asael is 10 months old. Reuel is taken from the Bible while the Japanese-sounding name Kaien was created after Ms Soh and her husband cracked their brains for an interesting name for their third child. It was only later that they realised Kaien was also the name of a manga character, Kaien Shiba.

"My husband and I didn't want common names because we want our children to appreciate their unique names and the meaning behind them," she says.

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