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Sexy Susan Sarandon says it's liberating to play grandma

The actress with a reputation for her sizzling sexuality onscreen takes on the role of an ageing and unattractive woman

Published on Jul 7, 2014 6:30 PM

It is one thing for an aspiring young actress to make herself look older or less attractive for a role, but quite another for a 67-year-old to do it.

It is even more remarkable when that 67-year-old is Susan Sarandon, an Oscar- winning performer with an illustrious career and a reputation for her sizzling sexuality on screen.

Then again, she has often marched to her own drum in her career and personal life. And this is one reason the star of acclaimed films such as Thelma & Louise (1991) and Dead Man Walking (1995) said yes to Tammy - a road-trip comedy that entailed playing a deliciously delinquent grandma.

In a refreshing departure from Hollywood's usual tendency to have older characters look implausibly young, Sarandon gets the full ageing treatment for the part, including wrinkles, frizzy grey hair, prosthetic "cankles" to simulate swollen ankles and peppercorns in her shoes to make her limp.

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Background story

“It’s very liberating to look that bad... Actually, the character wasn’t much older than I am – she just doesn’t have my make-up and hair people.”

Susan Sarandon on her frumpy character in Tammy