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Police are targeting Jaycee Chan's famous friends, 'C', 'C', 'H', says report

Published on Aug 21, 2014 4:27 PM

Taipei - Who's next, after Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko?

More celebrity drug arrests are expected, as the Chinese police widen their dragnet to include stars who have come and gone from the home of actor Jackie Chan's son in Beijing, said Apple Daily yesterday. Working with Chan's confession and CCTV footage, the police have made a list which includes three high-profile male entertainers, said the report.

One of the trio is an actor whose surname starts with C, said the report citing unnamed sources. Apparently, he is known in China and Taiwan, and close to Chan.

The other two are a singer whose surname starts with C, and an actor whose surname starts with H, added the report.

In addition, the police have listed 120 stars from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, said Next Magazine.

Chan, 31, and Ko, 23, were arrested in a marijuana bust on Aug 14. Since he set up an entertainment company, One House, in Beijing in 2010, Chan has been based in China, hiding from the media, having fun and throwing parties at home, said Apple Daily.

The police found 115g of marijuana in his luxury apartment at Naga Shangyuan, an amount equivalent to 250 cigarettes, said the report.

Chan's famous friends include Hong Kong's Eason Chan and Nicholas Tse, Taiwan's Jay Chou and Chen Bo-lin, and South Korea's G-Dragon and Seungri.

In particular, Chen, star of the 2011 television show In Time With You, has found himself in the firing line as he is known to be a close friend of Jaycee Chan's. Chen's agent has said the actor was celebrating his 31st birthday elsewhere at the time of the arrests, reported Apple Daily.

Jam Hsiao's agent said the Taiwanese pop star was Chan's basketball buddy, and had been to the actor's home only once, two to three years ago.

On Weibo, a former CCTV reporter has alleged that four people were arrested in Chan's case and that the other two, "a W and an H", have "stronger backgrounds".

Netizens have thrown up names including property heir Wang Shuo and actress Han Xue. Wang could not be contacted on Wednesday, said Apple Daily. Han denied her involvement on Weibo.